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Ready to make your move into the US market?
StartUSA provides your company with all the process basics required to develop and execute a robust and successful market entry. Our team of seasoned experts will help you set up shop, analyze the market, validate hypotheses, develop business plans, build a roadmap for expansion, and even find early adopters, partners, and raise funds.



Step by step

All-in-one Prep

The Startup Inc. Workshops are aimed at Founders who believe their projects may eventually enter the US Market and want to be prepared now. Startups will determine very early-on their true US potential, readiness, timing, requirements, and strategy. Facilitated through a process of self-assessment and guided examination, the Workshops are based on ‘The US Conversation’ which provides a Blueprint for talking about your business in a way that the listener wants to hear, and most importantly…will remember.


101: Only for the 5 most qualified projects

At the end of Phase 2 of the Workshops, 5 qualifiers are selected to move forward into Phase Three. Selected Startups will participate in this Phase by travelling to San Francisco in January 2020 for one week, in which each Startup will spend a full day one-to-one with the StartUSA team. The other 4 days will be dedicated to experiencing the ecosystem in Silicon Valley and networking with relevant contacts, as well as some leisure time too!



Flex those Startup Muscles

Once a project has fulfilled a series of basic requirements in its local market, and a previous understanding already exists about its potential to expand into the US market, we go to work on a US Go-To-Market Plan. This is a 6-month process that involves:

  • Understanding the Market Opportunity
  • Defining Sales Plan Requirements
  • Determining Visibility through Strategic Partners
  • Identifying Marketing & Communication Actions

The message needs to be tested with real customers to help determine the data for all the variables from which hypotheses will be derived to develop a viable Business Plan & Roadmap. This is Validation Time, and it requires all the business muscles to be flexed.


4. SET

Now you are Ready to…

Now we continue to evolve and spend the following 3 months converting everything we have learned from the validation process into real executables. A full launch Business Plan that enables our Startup to scale rapidly, a P&L Business Model for Investors, a Marketing & Communications Plan, and of course a Fundraising Plan as the umbrella to the entire process, because no plan can be ultimately executed without the appropriate funding.
This is Execution Time, and your project may have the potential to evolve to this point in a very short period of time, but because time flies when you´re a Startup…start


We work with spanish Startups PROJECTS

In the past two years, more than 25 startups have confided in StartUSA to help them validate their true potential in entering the US market.

Many of them have closed their first customers in the US through the help of StartUSA.

Currently, half a dozen Startups are in the process of raising funds from US investors, through our connection with the venture community, both private and corporate.

We have enabled several startups to develop partnerships with strategic enterprises such as Comcast, Cisco, Warner Media, Salesforce, HP, and Microsoft.

Redefine a US Market Value Proposition0%
Define target market segments & customers0%
Generate opportunities with real customers0%
Create US-based teams to run day to day sales & marketing operations0%



Ignacio Mateja

Lanpocket CEO 

«Con total seguridad puedo transmitir la confianza que el equipo de StartUSA me hizo llegar desde el primer momento que empezamos a encaminar mano a mano objetivos comunes con Lanpocket. Esa misma confianza es la que hará que nos abramos ante el mercado americano y lo que ello conlleve».

Lanpocket was a project that emerged from the 2018 Edition of the Explorer Program, and the Founder, Ignacio Mateja partnered with StartUSA to help his project develop its full potential in the US market and become a future global player.